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National Lymphedema Network

For further information check out their website www.lymphnet.org.


Visit to learn how malignant mesothelioma patients are using manual lymph drainage therapy as palliative relief during cancer treatment.

Lymphatic Therapy Services, Inc.

Our Vision

Lymphatic Therapy Services, Inc. is dedicated to creating a center of excellence in the Las Vegas Valley for the management of lymphedema and other chronic swelling, and to be a community resource for education and advocacy.

Our Mission

  • To become a beacon of light and hope for treatment of lymphedema and other chronic swelling disorders
  • To create a therapeutic atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgment
  • To treat all who enter our care with dignity, skill, and compassion
  • To aspire to the highest level of professional expertise and develop our skills in all areas related to lymphedema management
  • To partner with our patients to facilitate achievement of their goals and empower them with the knowledge to achieve the highest level of edema management over their lifetime
  • To conduct all professional relationships, both inside and outside of the clinic, with the highest level of respect, courtesy, honesty, and integrity

Lymphatic Therapy Services, Inc. is a private outpatient therapy practice specializing in the treatment of lymphedema, chronic swelling and breast cancer rehabilitation. In looking at the “whole person”, we not only provide opportunities for successful outcomes, but also empower the individual by giving them tools to manage their condition over their lifetime.

We are providers for most insurance companies.